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Updated: May 21

Mr Boykin G Smith, the son of Barry G Smith and Christine Adderley-Smith, was born on 22nd July 1995 in Nassau, The Bahamas, and is the grandson of Acklins, Cat and Long Islanders. He has been nominated as an Independent Candidate for the great constituency of Garden Hill and supported by family, friends and campaign manager/activist Mr Urvan Moxey.

As a young boy, he attended St. Anne’s Anglican School and joined the Christ Church Cathedral congregation. One of his many mantras is “manners and respect will take you all around the world” and his journey has been just that. In high school he was the Deputy Headboy, Paul House Head Captain, a Junior Achiever, the 2011 Junior Minister of Tourism, an the youngest Youth Parliamentarian during the 2011 Youth in Parliament session, a BAISS Football (Soccer) Champion, and the Gentlemen’s Club’s 2012 Gentleman of the Year. He obtained a $17,000 scholarship prize, a National Grant award and the Trent International Scholarship award to complete a B.A. (Hons) degree in Political Studies with a minor in Economics from Trent University in Ontario, Canada.

At Ontario’s #1 undergrad university, Mr Smith immersed himself in community service, student government, and purposeful research. He worked as one of two Executive Directors of a multimillion-dollar organization providing services such as grocery assistance, a unified bus system, health and dental care, campaign financing for a fifteen (15) million dollar community centre, and political advocacy at the local and national level for a population of 8,000 persons, which has prepared him to be an exceptional leader here in The Bahamas. As a result he received several accolades including the very first, and only black, recipient of the prestigious 3M National Student nomination, Andrew Priestman Memorial Prize in Politics, Continuing International Student Award, David Morrison Award, and Dr. Mike Allcott Award.

Formerly an intern at Holowesko Pyfrom Fletcher, where he gained invaluable knowledge, which later inspired his LL.M dissertation topic on the financial services sector, as well as client care skills in areas like conveyancing, financial services, wills and probates. Then in 2016, he launched an online campaign and hosted an event to raise funds to pursue an LL.B (Juris Doctor) degree at the University of Southampton in Southampton, UK.

During his LL.B, he was elected as a Law Academic Representative, worked as a Thomson Reuters Freelance Representative, and served as the President of the Mooting Society. He was subsequently the recipient of the Canadian Prestige Scholarship and Sir Nicholas Green Scheme awards. He was also sent on many university sponsored trips to countries like Ireland, India, and The Netherlands to compete and coach students in mooting.

Formerly, the DNA Candidate and Spokesperson for Housing, Environment, Climate Change and Natural Resources, and is now selected as a 2021 Caribbean Youth Parliamentarian on Climate Justice. He has launched an effective campaign on the unconstitutionality of the Public Health Emergency Preparedness, and Management Bill 2021, which both the FNM and PLP support as a mandate in the upcoming general election.

Mr Smith hopes to offer a good decade of service and a critical voice to help guide our Parliament on behalf of the community he was born and raised in. He currently is a mentor and Bar Practical Training Course and LL.M (Fraud and Economic Crime) candidate at City, the University of London as well as a partner of Master Kings - a firm that specialises in social media marketing, website and app development. His policy interests include commerce, equality, migration, tax, climate change and natural disaster prevention.