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With just three (3) weeks of an official independent campaign in the 2021 snap election, our For Hope mandate and team performed exceptionally well and we couldn’t be any more proud!

On behalf of the team, I extend sincere thanks to the residents that voted for The Star, saw Hope in our campaign, and supported our journey. Your vote and our efforts were not in vain as it proves that our democracy is alive and vibrant, that Bahamians are in reach of real change, and the results of the snap election… in itself gave Garden Hills hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Thank you to our honourable campaign manager, and the legendary man of faith, Mr Urvan Moxey as well as Pastor Moss-Moultrie. They anchored us in Christ to survive the wave. We had fun along the ride, and now it’s a new day, and we remain a beacon of hope. Thank you to our friends, family, and corporate sponsors for assisting us to look as good as we felt on the inside.

Congratulations to my fellow 7 other candidates, the elected Member of Parliament for Garden Hills, Mario K Bowleg, and the Honourable Philip Brave Davis. We are facing severe crises and at this historic juncture, we need bold and decisive leadership. The marathon continues… so please read our For Hope mandate. May God bless the Commonwealth of The Bahamas!

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