During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have realized that women and children are being disproportionately displaced in The Bahamas. More specifically, single parents and students are struggling with a sudden shift to virtual learning at home.


It is my prayer as a mentor and, what the late and great Dr. Judson Eneas called, “the backbone of a healthy society”, that this virtual learning program will inspire and uplift a small cohort of students to success. 


Generally, students may undertake technical support training outside of their virtual learning lessons with school or be monitored during their virtual learning lessons to ensure they are keeping up to speed. 

Please read the information below and register today!


Be of good character and good standing with the institution; and

Be a 3rd - 12th grader enrolled at an accredited educational institution in The Bahamas. 


Welcoming donations to help facilitate and support this community pilot project in the Garden Hills constituency. Funds will aid tutors and students to maintain students’ activities, wellness, tech resources, and COVID-19 (free) study spaces.